Obtaining a second opinion can help you feel secure and confident with your radiology report and medical diagnosis. Prompt and accurate diagnosis is crucial in preventing delay in proper follow-up and necessary treatment. Our world renowned radiologists can provide the needed expert advice in radiologic diagnostic imaging which plays a vital role in diagnosis and treatment. Additionally, our specialized radiologists may be able to suggest alternatives to invasive and/or costly procedures.

Prevent any chance of a possible missed finding and/or misinterpretation of radiological exams which may lead to missed cancerous lesions, such as breast, lung, liver, pancreatic cancers, as well as renal and adrenal gland tumors, strokes, vascular malformations, spinal cord injury, disk herniation, fractures, and other abnormalities. A second opinion virtually eliminates the possibility of a misinterpretation of radiological exams.

Reinterpretation of all radiological exams in medical legal cases, regarding personal injury, motor vehicle accidents, spinal injuries, fractures, workman's compensation and malpractice are for your own benefit.

Our Consultant Radiologists are

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